Immersive collaboration for Architects


As a cloud-based mixed-reality design collaboration platform,

VRCH puts architects and clients in different locations into a same virtual space for off-site collaborations.

Remote Presentation on PC screen and in VR

See each other in virtual project space to reduce travel time and cost for design review meetings

Prepare VR Scene in One Click

Support industry standard FBX file format from Rhino, Revit, SketchUp, 3DS Max, Maya and more

Handy Tools for Virtual Collaboration

Designed for architectural industry like pointer, measurement, drawing markups and screenshot while syncing to every participant in real time.

More features under developmentā€¦

Mobile Support

PC, VR, phone and tablet users will be able to be in the same virtual space.

Chinese Language Support

Design projects in China, the largest building market, remotely.

Cloud Storage Support

Seamlessly load 3D files from third-party cloud storage providers.

Integration with Unreal Engine

Already have in-house VR visualizers? Import the UE4 scene directly into Vrch platform for best visual.


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