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More free Bootstrap templates from Here kross portfolio template by themefisher </div> ## Demo | Homepage | About | Blog | Portfolio | Contact | |---|---|---|---|---| | ![Homepage]( | ![About]( | ![Blog]( | ![portfolio]( | ![contact]( | [Live Preview]( ## Setup To start your project, fork this repository After forking the repo, your site will be live immediately on your personal Github Pages account, e.g. ``. Make sure GitHub Pages is enabled for your repo. It might take some time for the site to propagate entirely. ## Customize Things you can customise in `_data/settings.yml` (no HTML/CSS): - Theme General Settings ( name, logo, email, phone, address ) - Hero Section - About Section - Team Section - Skills Section - Exprerience Section - Education Section - Services Section - Portfolio Section - Testimonials Section - Client Slider Section - Contact Section ## Deployment To run the theme locally, navigate to the theme directory and run `bundle install` to install the dependencies, then run `jekyll serve` or `bundle exec jekyll serve` to start the Jekyll server. I would recommend checking the [Deployment Methods]( page on Jekyll website. ## Reporting Issues We use GitHub Issues as the official bug tracker for the **Kross Theme**. Please Search [existing issues]( It’s possible someone has already reported the same problem. If your problem or idea is not addressed yet, [open a new issue]( ## Technical Support or Questions If you have questions or need help integrating the product please [contact us]( instead of opening an issue. ## Licensing - Copyright 2019 Themefisher ( - Licensed under MIT (